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    Miss you soooooooooooooo
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Saturday 8.2.14

Today we went caving and it was so much fun! It was very muddy,dark and wet but also really funny. In the first cave we had to abseil down 30 meters and it was very scary but when I was down in the cave, I was so happy that I did it.                                              In the second cave we had to find our way through the cave without a guide (we had two guides with us but they didn't tell us where to go). When we got back to camp we went for a swim in the sea. It wasn't as cold als I thought but it still was cold. After that we cooked dinner and made dessert.                              Tomorrow we are going sailing. I am very excited because I love sailing.

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Friday 7.2.14

Today camp started! First we had to drive three hours with the bus to get to our camps. The caving camp is horrible. Everything is very dirty and we can't wash our hands. we just can use hand sanitiser! I really don't want to be here but maybe I'll get used to it (I don't think so!).                                                   Tomorrow we are going to go caving. I hope this will be more fun than being in the camp...
13.2.14 20:57

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